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We have a history of running the egg trading business across Bihar for ages. Our Company has been involved in the egg trading and related businesses for the last 30 years and more. We have observed that there is a lack of transparency in the market regarding the pricing of eggs, broiler and feed ingredients etc. We believe that providing daily poultry rates & updates will help both the small-scale and big-scale traders to run their business more efficiently and hence will increase their profitability.

The one and only motive of Egg Trading is to promote fair trade practices in the industry and provide equal benefit to the Traders as well as the Egg Traders by providing them time-to-time information of the fluctuating rates, moreover by providing them the Actual Market position through SMS.

We sincerely hope that the entire Egg Trading community will benefit from this and will appreciate our initiative & take it in the positive spirit. Any suggestions to improve this effort are welcomed and will be highly appreciated!

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